Infrared Saunas

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Infrared (Far-infrared saunas (FIRS)) are different from wood-burning and traditional saunas. Special lamps use light waves to heat a person's body, not the entire room. Temperatures are typically lower than traditional saunas, but the person sweats in a similar way. Usually, infrared saunas are about 125-140° F.

Infrared saunas are gaining in popularity due to their health benefits and price points. Before you buy an infrared sauna, please see our Saunas 101 page for a detailed list of sauna health benefits, risks, and precautions.

Buy an Infrared Sauna for your home- An excellent move for your health!

Infrared saunas are a very good option for in-home use; however, infrared saunas are not ideal for outdoor use in areas that experience cold winter temperatures (assuming your intentions are to use your sauna during the winter months), as the infrared heater does not heat the interior of the sauna similar to a wood burning heater sauna, or an electrical heated sauna.

Infrared saunas have been recommended for people with mobility problems and health issues that make it difficult for them to be in the high temperatures normally found in a sauna.

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