4 Person Saunas

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4 Person saunas are very popular for couples who want sufficient space to spread out and lay down and still have room for up to two additional guests when required.

Comfortable Design and Ample space with 4 Person Sauna Models for Sale!
Relax, Rejuvenate, and Detox

The bountiful options in this 4 person sauna are very popular among couples who want sufficient space to spread out as well as make it a perfect fit to the overall fitness wants and needs! Fret not, you will still have a room for two additional guests when required.

Comes with a narrow width and compact footprint, that is our saunas listed below tick the category of being both stand-alone and to be built into your bathroom or near the pool area.

Premier FAR Infrared Saunas Built to Last

An excellent way to obtain maximum relaxation, all-round detoxification, and purification which is only possible with a regular sauna session. Each of our 4 person saunas comes with a standard high-quality design with advanced, near, or FAR infrared technology, and exclusive features which will add to your overall experience.

From Maxxus saunas or HeatWave Saunas with carbon heater, you will definitely find the one. What's more, these are positioned to distribute the heat at even levels, creating a deep penetrating heat that draws toxins away naturally and rejuvenates your whole body.

Lifestyle Saunas Exclusive Features

1. Energy efficient with Carbon Fiber Panels and Infrared Heaters
2. Low EMF/EMR Technology
3. LED Chromotherapy and Interior LED Light
4. Stunning design with soft-touch control panel
5. Meticulous Craftsmanship with Canadian Hemlock Wood or White Cedar

Low on Indoor space? We have Perfect saunas for OUTDOOR use

Infrared saunas are typically used indoors, however, we have 4 person sauna for sale that are intended for outdoor use constructed with white Cedar for added durability. A modern outdoor sauna is best suited for locations that have a mild climate and adequate space to ensure proper ventilation.

Tip: Whether buying an indoor or outdoor sauna be sure to review your saunas overall dimensions to make sure that it will fit in your space in addition to fitting your needs and preferences.

Lending Personality and Style to ANY Location

If you are looking for a 4 person sauna model for sale online, Lifestyle Saunas has several options to satisfy if you are picky or want something more specific!