Deluxe Sauna Accessory Kit for Heatwave and Radiant Saunas SA5024

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Enhanced sauna experience!

Our Heatwave and Radiant Saunas 5-piece Deluxe Sauna Accessory Kit was designed for comfort, convenience and functionality. Each piece is constructed from top-grade western Canadian Hemlock wood, sanded to an ultra-smooth finish, and ready for use. This kit includes a head rest, back rest, leg rest, magazine rack, and a combination drink/robe/towel holder. The ergonomically designed headrest, backrest and leg rest conforms to the curves of your body providing added support and comfort, The magazine rack and drink/robe/towel holder keep your reading materials, drinks, robes and towels within reach. Installation is easy - all necessary hardware is included. This is a great way to add additional comfort and convenience to your sauna, enhancing your overall experience.

Crafted from top-grade western Canadian Hemlock, sanded to an ultra-smooth finish

Smooth, comfortable headrest; measures 13.75-in L x 8.67-in W x 2.75-in H

Ergonomically-shaped backrest for ultimate comfort; measures 15.75-in W x 3.5-in D x 20.5-in H

Leg rest improves your overall sauna experience; measures 23.625-in L x 11.75-in W x 4.33-in H

Handy magazine rack; measures 10.65-in W x 1.5-in D x 13-in H

Combination drink/robe/towel holder keeps all items within easy reach; measures 11.825-in W x 4.75-in D x 4-in H

Quick easy installation - includes all necessary hardware

Includes head rest, back rest, leg rest, magazine rack, combination drink/robe/towel holder and installation hardware

Natural hemlock colour

180-day limited warranty