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Innovator In Far Infrared Therapy

TheraSauna® was pioneered by QCA Spas, which has been recognized as one of the oldest spa companies in America. QCA Spas has been an innovator of patented spa therapy to relieve pain and stiffness and promote healthier lifestyles. Those same philosophies are incorporated into our TheraSauna® Infrared Health Saunas. In 1995, TheraSauna® received its first patent for the Stable Heat™ System. Today, TheraSauna® holds several patents and patents-pending on our MPS Infrared Control System™. TheraSauna® has been tested and approved by ETL in the US and Canada (Look for us under our company name, Quad Cities Automatic Pools, Inc.). TheraSauna® has applied for registration with the Food and Drug Administration under Infrared Health devices.

Quality is important to us, which is why our saunas are handcrafted in the USA. We are one of the only infrared sauna manufacturers in the United States that do not import our saunas from international suppliers. Our manufacturing plant is located in Dewitt, Iowa.

Our Mission

To stay “A Step Ahead”, QCA Spas, Inc. believes in ongoing research and design to develop the most innovative infrared dry saunas and hydrotherapy performance spas on the market today. Our customer's personal satisfaction is, and will always be, our number one concern.

Patented MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Control

The NEW MPS Touchview 3.0

The Patented MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Control is the latest in sauna technology! The innovative Android touchscreen control that allows you to customize your sauna sessions. Use the touchscreen to adjust the temperature, time, MPS levels, and more. You can manage your settings, preheat your sauna, and even save presets so your sauna session is always exactly how you’d like it. At Therasauna®, we believe that what your sauna is made of and how it works are equally important, so get the most out of your sauna with a customizable and easy-to-use control system. Don’t settle for a sauna with limiting features when you can enjoy the convenience of a Therasauna®. 

 Our proprietary, high-glass content, solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ are very different from the traditional ceramic heaters in the industry. A TheraMitter™ is a unique, patented heating unit that is made of solid ceramic, and is distinct from tubular ceramic heaters that consist of wire and metal thinly coated with ceramic. Tubular ceramic heaters are similar to the process of coating metal jewelry with silver to give the impression of solid sterling silver, but after time the underlying metal starts to show after the silver plating wears off. TheraSauna® is the only major manufacturer in the United States offering true solid ceramic TheraMitters™, with no metal rods. So when researching the various types of heaters, do not be confused by the general misrepresentation of ceramic heaters. TheraSauna® has the only high-glass content, solid ceramic TheraMitter™ in the industry.

Many comparisons to ceramic heaters do not ackowledge the actual different ceramic types and only focus on the tubular ceramic heaters. They never compare carbon fiber heaters to our ceramic TheraMitters™ and instead, compare to tubular and rod heaters. However, the tubular ceramic and rod heater saunas are dimishing in popularity in favor of carbon fiber heaters. Yet, our solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ still remain more efficient than carbon fiber and safer to use in a sauna. TheraMitters™ are 96% efficient and have a life-time warranty. Carbon fiber heaters, by contrast, are only 55% efficient and made of plastic sheets with microscopic fibers held together with resins and epoxy glues. Carbon fiber heaters also diminish in efficiency over time, while our TheraMitters™ remain at ceramic’s emissivity level of .96 on a black body scale scale of 0-1. Since our emisivity levels are so efficient, it's no wonder our competitors never reference TheraSauna's® solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ .

The newest type of heater to emerge is a "carbon and ceramic" combination. In actuality, these are carbon fiber heaters with a small amount of ceramic powder blown into the plastic and carbon fiber compound before the adhesive epoxy glues are applied. This does not truly change the performance of the heater; it is still a carbon fiber heater that operates at a surface temperature of approximately 200°-230°F, and still grossly inefficient when compared to our proprietary ceramic TheraMitters™. These heaters are still unable to consistently reach the important 9.4 micron level of far-infrared energy and are very slow to heat the sauna to the desired temperature. Carbon fiber technology is also usually limited to reaching about 130°F cabinet temperature.

Ceramic has been proven to be the best material for producing larger amounts of far-infrared. It has the highest emissivity rate, and produces longer wavelengths. TheraSauna® delivers between 6 -14 micron of far-infrared light, and the surface temperature of the TheraMitters™ can be set to variable temperatures between approximately 126°F and 450°F while still always producing beneficial infrared. Carbon heaters, in contrast, can only operate at a lower surface temperature of about 230°F, and do not have the ability to vary the temperature. These saunas actually power down and stop producing infrared when the set temperature is reached, meaning that about 40% of the sauna session is not producing infrared for the user. TheraSauna® consistently acheives infrared output with the help of its patented Stable Heat System™ which allows the sauna to continuously produce infrared during the entire sauna session.

Home Screen

Complete Control At Your Fingertips

The Therasauna® Micron Power Select Touchview™ 3.0 Home Screen allows you to run your sauna, manage your settings, get help or select one of two auto run settings to use. You can also adjust the brightness of the sauna light, or the volume of the control sounds with a few simple taps or if you prefer you can use the stylus which is included.

 Innovative Technology

7 Day Programmable Control | Micron Power Select  | Stable Heat  | SpectraWave

 7 Day Programmable Control (Dual Users)

This patented, 7 Day Programmable Control allows you to set the desired time your sauna will turn on Monday through Sunday. You can set the timer to pre-heat the sauna for you so that it is ready when you get home from work or when you wake up in the morning. Getting into a cold sauna and waiting for it to warm-up is a thing of the past. Just press, set and forget... the TheraSauna® will remember the rest. The onboard computer memory will hold the settings in memory even if the sauna experiences a power failure.

 Micron Power Select™

  Micron Power Select™ allows you to vary the infrared output from each TheraMitter™ zone and control the infrared micron range during your sauna session. TheraMitters™ can be exclusively customized to a surface temperature between approximately 450°F down to an amazing 126°F. This is a extremely useful feature for multiple sauna users. For example, the person on the right can set their back TheraMitters™ on full power and their feet to half power while the person on the left can set their back TheraMitter™ to 80% power and their feet to 60% power. This highly innovative feature allows you to program your sauna to your personal comfort level. The MPS settings can be adjusted from 100% to 7% for each zone. On the MPS Touchview Control screen in "MPS SETUP," you can choose the level for each TheraMitter™. The levels can be set in any combination at 7%, 13%, 20%, 27%, 33%, 40%, 47%, 53%, 60%, 67%, 73%, 80%, 87%, 93%, or 100%.


TheraSaunas® far-infrared is produced during the entire sauna session.  When the sauna reaches temperature, the patented MPS Therasauna® Touchview™ 3.0 idles the TheraMitters™ down to surface temperature of under 230°F. The TheraMitters™ will return to 400°F and above when necessary, keeping a steady temperature and micron range. The far-infrared produced is still consistently reaching the optimal 9.4 micron range for human absorption due to the unique physical design of solid ceramic TheraMitters™, penetrating up to 2” below the skin. This creates an environment where the user receives more infrared in 20 minutes than they would during a 40 minute session in other brand saunas. Therasauna® produces zero cold spots when operating and does not vent plastics and carbon fibers  into the sauna cabinet, unlike our competitors. Carbon saunas only reach the one surface temperature of approximately 230°F and turn off after reaching their set convection air temperature, losing air temperature and creating an ineffective range of infrared. The TheraSauna® Stable Heat™ System does not turn off, but powers down and sends a trickle charge of electricty to maintain the surface temperature of the TheraMitters™, thus consistently reaching the 9.4 micron range of far infrared.

The best example of how TheraSauna's® Stable Heat™ System works in relation to our competitors is to imagine a light switch. If the light switch is flipped on, the light in the room will turn on. The moment the switch is turned off, the light goes out and the room is dark. Infrared is a form of light, just like the visible light in the example, but on a different spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. TheraSauna's® Stable Heat™ System remains on during the entire sauna session, meaning infrared is produced the entire sauna session, just like turning on the light with the light switch and leaving it on the whole time you are in the room. In a competitor's sauna, the infrared will be produced until the set temperature is reached. The moment the set temperature is reached, infrared immediately stops being produced, just like shutting off the light with the light switch. No more infrared is being produced, just like flipping the light switch to off turns off the light. So, it's much like sitting in a room with the lights on for 40 minutes, but you have to sit in the dark for half of the time. Our Stable Heat™ System prevents this from happening in TheraSauna®, giving the user a clear advantage in the amount of exposure to far infrared.


The SpectraWave™ function is an exclusive feature that allows the sauna to move through a specific infrared spectrum. The sauna’s onboard computer system has 8 different pre-selected power settings and it will scroll through a new setting every 2 minutes. This feature allows TheraSauna® to produce near, middle, and far infrared energy when this feature is utilized.