HeatWave Saunas

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HeatWave saunas you do not have to go travel far in order to get that perfect relaxation and rejuvenating moment. HeatWave saunas are safe, effective and affordable way to relieve stress and improve health, right in the comfort of your home. HeatWave saunas comes packed with multiple features that will prove their superiority over other saunas. For instance, HeatWave heaters release infrared wavelength that is about 5 to 12 microns which is a perfect portion of heat that benefits the most on human body.

Most HeatWave saunas are made of premium grade solid Hemlock wood, and tongue and groove joinery for superior edge to edge strength and durability. The exterior of the sauna is seal coated with an appealing, natural color; the interior is smooth sanded natural wood. Most HeatWave saunas also include chronotherapy bulb that features 7 different colors that will bring relaxation and balance to your physical and emotional system. On the other hand, it is technologically advanced with sound system, E-X touch control panel and adjustable air vents etc.

The team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers of HeatWave saunas acknowledge the fact that safety is a top priority. Thus, their saunas are EMF Tested which means that they are designed and test proven to emit extremely low levels of EMF. This guarantee that HeatWave saunas are safe and beneficial to your health.